McWillem’s Highland Smokery

Is offered by your host and local hunting legend Thomas Willem.
Local smoked produce is avaialble in the restaurant and also as a gift purchase.



    Habitat: marine & freshwater to spawn
    Size: up to 150 cm (depending on the angler and 200 cm)
    Weight: up to 35 kg (or waaaaaay more …)
    Life: the migratory fish in the sea lives & draws to spawn upriver into fresh water
    Enemies: hydropower, water supply, pollution and sometimes Thomas.



    Habitat: Europe, Asia, USA, Australia or possibly a lucky guests plate
    Size: 130-180 cm (depending on hunter’s tales also about 2 meters …)
    Weight: 40-95 kg broken Bache & Boar 50-160 kg (or waaaay more …)
    Habits: Omnivorous, forest and valleys. Mother lives in family groups
    Enemies: Hunter & Thomas



    Habitat: Alpine & Schynige Platte dishes
    Size: 110-130 cm (depending on hunter’s tales to 250 cm)
    Weight: 30-50 kg (depending on hunter’s tales up to 100 kg)
    Life: pack animal
    Enemies: boulders, avalanches, lynx, bear & Thomas


    The smoker

    Habitat: Schynige plate & Wallis
    Height: 170 cm (or thereabouts)
    Weight: unconfirmed
    Life: seasonal, nocturnal
    Enemies: Vegetarian