Schynige to First

Schynige to First

Trail no.62, approx 6hrs 10m

Level: Medium
Distance: 15.97km 
Ascent: 905m
Descent: 722m

Schynige Platte – First

Six pearls in six hours: The mountain hike from Schynige Platte to First (or vice versa) must be done once in a lifetime. The first two pearls stand out at the end of the Schynige Platte railway: The flora on the Matten is nearly as diverse as the flowers in the Alpine Garden. After the Loucherhorn, you will encounter pearl number three, the wild karstic landscape in the Güw area. Pearl four, the Sägistalsee, sparkles far below. The largest pearl, however, awaits on the Faulhorn. The view from up there offers everything: Lake Brienz on one side, the overwhelming backdrop of the Jungfrau massif on the other. And further down is pearl six, the Bachalpsee, the “blue jewel” of the Bernese Alps.


This fantastic day trip starts at the Schynige Platte summit station, leads past the mountain huts at Oberberg on its way to the western slope of the Loucherhorn. Continue over the Egg in a gentle ascent along the slope of the Sägissa; below you will see the shimmering Sägistalsee mountain lake.

Continue over the Egg in a gentle ascent along the slope of the Sägissa, below you will see the shimmering Lake Sägistalsee. The trail continues to the Männdlenen mountain lodge, ascending continuously to Fulegg and from there along the mountain’s southern flank to the Faulhorn summit. It offers a magnificent panoramic view. In the 19th century, the Faulhorn was described as a “ladies’ peak” because there are no significant mountaineering skills required to climb it.

However, its name (‘faul’ means ‘lazy’ in English) has nothing to do with sloth, and reaching the summit does require a good level of physical fitness. ‘Faul’ or ‘ful’ is in fact the term used to describe the loose layers of clay and slate from which the mountain is made. The steep yet well-maintained trail descends via Gassenboden to Lake Bachalpsee, which then leads, on a more or less level path, to the Grindelwald-First aerial cableway summit station.

Operating times

Schynige Platte Railway
30 may to 27 october 2019
The train departs every 40 minutes from Wilderswil station.
Last descent from Schynige Platte at 17.53.

First Aerial Cableway
3 April to 28 October 2018
01/10/2018 – 28/10/2018 | 08.30 to 16.30
Last descent possible up to 30 minutes after the specified time.