Kneipp – Foot Massage

Kneipp – Foot Massage

Approx. 10 mins

Level: Easy
Distance: 10m
Ascent: 0.3m
Descent: 0.3m

Basic rules

A warm body is essential for cold water treatment. Never step into the water with cold feet. Warm up before hand with gymnastics or walking. Never carry out two treatments at the same time: A two hour interval is recommended.


Walk slowly through the water in a stalk-like motion, alternately raising one foot completely out of the water and keeping the tips of your toes pointing downwards. After 30 – maximum 60 seconds, wipe the water from your legs and feet but do not dry. Warm up by walking on the grass and then put on warm socks.


Stimulates blood circulation and matabolism, strengthens veins, bolsters immune system and improves overall wellness.

Not recommended for

People suffering from kidney or bladder ailments and advanced circulatory disorders.
Use of the facility is at own risk. Parents are legally responsible for their children. Please keep dogs away from the facility (use by dogs strictly prohibited).

Operating times

Schynige Platte Railway
30 may to 27 october 2019
The train departs every 40 minutes from Wilderswil station.
Last descent from Schynige Platte at 17.53.