Paragliding from Schynige Platte to Interlaken

Cost: 260 CHF

Get the early flight down to Interkaken from either the top of Schynige or Breitlauenen, the first stop on the way down. With the train it takes over and hour to get into town. With a paraglider we can have you there in fifteen minutes or if you prefer we can circle around for a while.! Either way your guaranteed a big smile on your face when you arrive.

As the wing comes up gracefully above your head your skilled pilot brings the paraglider under control. You make a final visual check infront to make sure there’s no other air traffic, then slowly walk forward.

As you do so the pilot lets the glider pick up speed and your feet are lifted off the ground. You’re paragliding! The easiest, freest form of flight known to man. No jumping off cliffs, no engine and no heavy frame to carry around, paragliding really is the next best thing to flying like a bird.
Anyone can do it, we’ve flown passengers from 9 – 90 years, and we can make the flight as laid back or as adrenallin filled as you want.
(Children under 16 require consent of parent)

Group discounts available

Enhance your flight by making a group booking and sharing the experience with friends and family. We are able to fly out together and there will be opportunities to fly side by side, take pictures in the air and even talk to each other whilst flying. We can accommodate groups upto 5 with short notice. Larger groups require at least 48 hours notice to guarantee pilot availability.

Our pilots come from up from Interlaken and meet you at the take off point [pre-arranged] We generally need at least 24 hours notice for flights. All our pilots are experienced, flying many hundreds of flights a year, and of course they hold Swiss professional tandem licence and insurance.

Gift voucher

Stuck for an idea for a birthday/anniversary present? This is something special that you can give that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of someone you care about.

Contact us to arrange a gift voucher to be posted to you for you to give as a present. Alternatively vouchers are available from the Schynige Hotel.

Paragliding contact and info

Flights can be booked in advance by clicking above or calling the number below.
Alternatively flights can be purchased direct from the Schyinge Hotel, however we can’t guarantee time of flight or large groups if tickets are purchased for same day use.

All flying is weather dependent. All tandem pilots are familiar with local weather conditions and safety is our primary concern. If flights are cancelled due to adverse weather then a full refund is available or option to change flights to another day.

Telephone: +41 (0)79 104 66 77